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This small website was created to further the momentum of subtle body awareness happening in these times. If you are interested in how the Seven Rays effect each subtle body, you may find this website useful.

" Tapestry of the Gods " Volumes 1&2 by Dr.Michael Robbins, provide wonderful detailed profiles of each rays' effect on each subtle body. Excerpts of these pdf books can be accessed on this website. If you are looking for a profile of a 2nd ray mental body then click and up pops that excerpt. Your effort expended in intuiting your ray profile will produce much benefit. Discovering your ray profile can result in a sound foundation for understanding oneself energetically. I hope these concepts are as helpful to you as they have been for me.

The Seven Rays or the Seven Spirits before the throne of God, imbue every form seen and unseen with its quality or note. Be it a constellation, solar system, sun, planet, man, animal, vegetable or mineral; they all are qualified by one of seven rays that give it a distinct quality.

Seven rays psychology is the study of how these rays condition man and his vehicles or 'subtle bodies'.

Man's subtle bodies can be described as follows. The personality is comprised of the physical, astral (or emotional), and mental bodies. With time and perhaps practice, the three personality vehicles become synthesized and no longer sound three notes but sound one integrated note or ray. As this personality integration proceeds the note of the soul is heard more clearly. The soul or causal body is conditioned by its own ray which remains the same for many lifetimes.

How can you determine your subtle body rays? First by understanding the energies themselves. Read about them and decide which one best fits your actions, your emotions, your mind and your Soul. You can open the links at the left to check and refine your guesses. The characteristics of each ray's influence on each subtle body are taken from "Tapestry of the Gods" Volumes 1 and 2.

The links on this website can be used to help us understand these seven energies. Once the attributes of the rays are somewhat grasped, we can try to determine which ray energy qualifies each of our subtle bodies.

This information can be used to:

Determine the energetic signatures of our subtle bodies

Notice how they influence each other in daily experience

Intuit the ray of our soul thereby giving us a goal or pattern to follow

Help us synthesize the orchestra of notes into the one note of the soul

Guide us home.

I am very grateful to the author Dr. Michael Robbins, founder of Seven Rays University, for the beautiful and clear descriptions of each ray's speculated influence on the various subtle bodies. His careful and consistent labor in esoteric psychology is a testament to the greatness and the continued amplification of One Who reintroduced us to the Seven Rays.